4 Ideas Bay Window Treatment

Bay window or also called with bow window as it has a bow shape is really exotic element in the home as there are many elegant, stylish and even luxurious bay window treatments that can be applied to enhance and improve the room interior decoration with this window. So, the presence of this window should be rightly decorated or treated as it has big size and be the focal point of the room. There are some beautiful and creative ideas you can apply for this bow window.

Consider silk panels. These panels are actually traditional way to improve your bay window. You can use one or two colors of silk to make it really charming, rich and expensive. This panel will upgrade your bow window into higher class and it makes a valuable sense of style and beauty as well. You will not ignore this idea if you want to improve your bow window beautifully with really charming appearance. There are many homeowners like this idea and may be including you.

You can also try drapery panels. This panel should frame the window and not clutter it. You need to choose the right fabrics to enhance this bay window with this panel. You can also select the draperies with the styles, colors and patterns you like. And sure, there are more tips to make the look of the draperies awesome for the window. See more pictures for this idea and you will be inspired with delightful picture and idea of bay window that is decorated with draperies.

Contemporary valance is really great idea too to decorate bay window. You will make the window as well as the room where the window is installed will be more open and surely inviting. You can select this contemporary valance for your formal room. Just coordinate the fabric valance with your cushions and also pillow to create something really charming and looks soft for the room interior decoration. You will enhance the window instantly and elegantly.

Roman shade is the next idea to decorate bay window to be more elegant and stylish. This shade is really popular to make elegant and charming look for the window. You can select the shade with certain accents and texture to make it more beautiful. You will never be boring with this shade and other ideas above as there are many options you can select. So, consider the bay window advantages then the ideas to improve it.


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