Casement Window for Natural Air Ventilation

Can you imagine if a home is built without a window just like basement room? Sure, it will not be fresh as the air will not change. The home will not be warm too because sunlight cannot enter the home. And windows in the home come with a variety of types. Each type has their own designs and purposes just like casement window that is designed taller than wide and it has the purpose to let natural air enter the home especially when it is in hot climate.

Casement window is a window design that is installed to the frame by one hinge or more hinges. This window can give top and bottom ventilation. This window design is also related to the traditional window design from the purpose that let natural air enter. It is different with a home window that use air conditioner inside the room or home where the window will be locked and it only provides warmth from the sunlight. And you need this window design to get fresher air.

There are many designs and styles of casement window you can find in the market. Each of them has certain styles but same purpose to give you natural air ventilation. You just need to select one or double hung window where the windows can be opened easily. You can also consider the shape and size of the window. The popular shape is rectangle but it doesn’t mean you cannot find other designs, styles or shapes as what you want. Some online stores may come with larger collection of this window designs.

You can also consider the casement window sizes. Commonly this window will not be built in larger size. You can look at the pictures of casement window and you will see it has standard size and sometimes it comes with smaller size too. It depends on what design and size you like most. It is just like what paint color you like to apply to this window especially when it has frame that is made of wood.

Indeed there are some materials of the frame of casement window that can be selected such as wood, PVC or vinyl, aluminum and steel. Each of them has their own pros and cons such as resistance and durability. Wood is the common choice as well as PVC. But there are also other people like aluminum and steel. It depends on home design you have and what design you like most.


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