Composting Toilet: Modern Toilet Design for Less to Water

New technology or concept is always introduced to make the human life better as well as to save the nature too. It is like the concept or system that works on composting toilet. Just like the name, this toilet work with composting system to treat the human excreta. This toilet is now popular for many modern homes or for modern and civilized people who care about nature or for them who live in the place where water is quite difficult to get because this toilet need just less or even no water.

Composting toilet systems work with a processing system of predominantly aerobic to treat the excreta by managing or composting the aerobic decomposition. And generally, this composting toilet just uses little water or even no water. This can be the right alternative choice to flush toilet designs that is very popular and most people use this toilet in their home. So, it works with certain system that will compose the excreta and not use water or just less so water can be saved more.

Yup, for people who want to save more waters or bill of water can also use this composting toilet as it just take little or even no water. But sure, you can read more composting toilet reviews to know the pros and cons by many sides or considerations. And just like for the example, this toilet is found in the situations where water supply is really needed or quite difficult just like in rural homes or where the water is needed for other important facilities including for parks.

In this composting toilet, the excreta are mixed with coconut coir, sawdust or with peat moss too to facilitate the processing system of aerobic, liquid absorption and also to odor mitigation. And most of this toilet design also uses cold and also slow composting condition and sometimes it is also connected with the secondary external composting step. You can also look at the design or the system how it works from many sources out there.

You may see many advantages of composting toilet as it can produce a compost where usually it is used for agricultural soil or horticultural soil enrichment sure if the regulation allow it. It is because although it is compost, it is made of human excreta. You can also read the cons of this toilet especially about the problems or repairs as well as the installation that needs an expert to do them all.


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