DIY Beautiful Window Sill Ideas

Window sill is like a shelf under your window. It is designed for water that may flow from the window at rain. You can see both exterior and interior window sill. And no matter where the windows that you build with sill, you have ideas to decorate the sill with more beautiful appearance. The ideas are easy and even you can do it yourself. Before going to the ideas, just think about what you want to add or place on the sill to make it more charming and even refreshing. And consider where the windows are.

It means it can be different for the windows in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. However, it depends on your creativity. First idea of window sill is by making indoor herb garden. This should be really beneficial idea you can place in your window kitchen. Window sill herb garden contain fresh herb to complete the recipe or menu you want to make to prepare the breakfast or dinner. You can plant the herbs with jar or container and place it on the sill. Let the sunlight warm them.

Besides herbs, window sill can be also the place for flowers. This should be refreshing and entertaining. You can place beautiful and colorful flowers in the vase, jar or container then place it on the sill. The sunlight will make the flowers or plants grow beautifully. And sure, give it water or just care it rightly. This idea can be applied for windows in the living room, bedroom or even kitchen. It depends on what you like most. You can also decorate the room interior design with this idea.

There are also other people who make window sill as the bookshelf. This is also a good idea to try. You can show your book collections there. Your books can be well organized on this sill. Just think creatively and arrange the book tidily. And if the size of the sill is larger just like twin or single bed, you can also make the sill as your reading nook. This should be really comfortable idea to read your favorite books with the view from your window.

There are many other ideas to decorate window sill just like showing your art collections on it, photos and many more. Think creatively and smartly. Make the sill as the part of the window and room interior decoration ideas. And consider the size of the sill too. Larger size can afford more ideas. See more decorative sill too to get more inspirations or ideas. This should be awesome to try.


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