How to Choose the Right Toilet Seat

To add the comfort for your daily routine in the bathroom, you can also add some accessories such as toilet seat. Either you want to replace or choose the right toilet seat, there are many considerations. It can be about the shape, material, mounting option and style and also the price and toilet seat sizes. You can also select from round, oval, wooden or even plastic toilet seat, it should add the comfort and also décor for your bathroom. Here are the explanations of each consideration.

First is about the shape. Commonly, toilet seat comes with two shapes. They are round and elongated toilet seats. Round shape is the standard option in most homes. And you also see this toilet seat shape more often in many places or homes. And for elongated shape, it is now becoming more popular. It has long oval shape. Consider the look as well as the comfort of both of them including the toilet seat price too so you can select the right one to add comfort.

Second is about the mount type. Toilet seat with conventional design is bolt and nut mount or it is also called with integral bolt and nut. This mount type looks much better at the beginning but it can be frustrating as it needs to be removed because the nut after certain time must be drilled out when you remove the seat. However, this mount type is still standard and more popular choice in many homes as it is easy to use. Ask an expert or read the review of each of them.

Third is about the material of toilet seat. There are some materials from plastic to wood and even cushioned seat. Most material used for toilet seat is plastic due to the durability and the look. This plastic seat comes in black, white and some pastel colors. This plastic seat is the standard choice but it can be very cold when it is winter and in the summer it can be cold too when the central is still running. Just consider the comfort as well as the durability and quality including the appearance.

Fourth, you can consider about padding toilet seat. This toilet seat is soft and comfortable for everyone including from them who are recovering from surgery and also childbirth. However, it can be difficult for them who use wheelchairs. There are many people consider soft toilet seat due to the comfort when it is used. Those are some considerations you need to think about and don’t forget about the style.


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