DIY Beautiful Window Sill Ideas

Window sill is like a shelf under your window. It is designed for water that may flow from the window at rain. You can see both exterior and interior window sill. And no matter where the windows that you build with sill, you have ideas to decorate the sill with more beautiful appearance. The ideas […]

4 Ideas Bay Window Treatment

Bay window or also called with bow window as it has a bow shape is really exotic element in the home as there are many elegant, stylish and even luxurious bay window treatments that can be applied to enhance and improve the room interior decoration with this window. So, the presence of this window should […]

Casement Window for Natural Air Ventilation

Can you imagine if a home is built without a window just like basement room? Sure, it will not be fresh as the air will not change. The home will not be warm too because sunlight cannot enter the home. And windows in the home come with a variety of types. Each type has their […]

Composting Toilet: Modern Toilet Design for Less to Water

New technology or concept is always introduced to make the human life better as well as to save the nature too. It is like the concept or system that works on composting toilet. Just like the name, this toilet work with composting system to treat the human excreta. This toilet is now popular for many […]

Toilet Paper Holder Design Collection

All bathroom accessories can improve your bathroom. And there are many bathroom accessories available in the market that you can select. One of the accessories that you need is toilet paper holder. This holder is used to put toilet paper. And there are many designs, styles, sizes as well as brands of bathroom toilet paper […]

Bidet Toilet: Convenient, Comfortable, Clean

Bidet toilet is being more popular today as it is considered for the convenience, comfort and also cleanliness. So, for you who have daily routine in the bathroom to use the toilet it will be really comfortable than before. And this bidet toilet seat is designed for the functionality use and also it is naturally […]

Portable Toilet: Right Choice for Outdoor Contemporary Toilet

Portable toilet is usually built or placed in the outdoor area as contemporary toilet. And commonly, it is placed in the place of construction sites, large gatherings, zoo, exhibition and other outdoor big events where there are many people there. It is because this toilet is portable where it can be used and placed to […]

How to Choose the Right Toilet Seat

To add the comfort for your daily routine in the bathroom, you can also add some accessories such as toilet seat. Either you want to replace or choose the right toilet seat, there are many considerations. It can be about the shape, material, mounting option and style and also the price and toilet seat sizes. […]

What Size of Toilet Flange to Choose?

Toilet flange should be installed or replaced and repaired rightly as it is a crucial part. It is a mounting base for the toilet and it is installed on the top of the soil pipe. Flange toilet flange replacement or installation needs an expert technique to do. And before that, you need to select the […]

Toilet Seat Covers: Do You Need It or Not?

Toilet seat covers or it is also called with toilet sheet is actually a disposable paper or sheet that is placed on the toilet seat by the user. It has the purpose to protect the user from germs or to ensure the cleanliness of the toilet seat as many people still doubt the germs that […]