The Project of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

It is not always practical and easy on your pockets to rebuild your kitchen cabinets. At times when you feel like changing your cabinets, you can do kitchen cabinet refacing. It will give your kitchen a new look without replacing the cabinets entirely. It can be a DIY project but if you are not confident, you can always seek for help from a professional.

Before you begin kitchen cabinet refacing, you have to make sure if your cabinet is a candidate for refacing first. Determine whether or not your cabinet will be able to last at least another ten years after the restoration process. If it is in bad shape, you may want to replace them instead of refacing them because it will not take the refacing process well enough and you will have to replace them in the end anyway. If your cabinet is in quite good shape, then you may proceed.

The basic processes of kitchen cabinet refacing will leave the cabinet intact and also in its original position. This will minimize the otherwise cost and effort of taking out and then replacing all of the cabinet. Therefore, the advantage of refacing is foremost less expense because kitchen cabinet refacing cost is lower than replacement. Other advantages include less material that will be going into the waste and also a less complicated process of construction. If you care about the environment and waste management, you will surely enjoy the option of refacing your cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a good project for you if the frames of your cabinets are sturdy. It is up to you to what extent you refurbish your kitchen cabinets. Doing things as simple as painting, restaining or kitchen cabinet refinishing your cabinets can surprisingly have a dramatic effect. In some refacing cases, the doors and drawer fronts are replaced with completely different species. Another option for you to consider is whether you are going to replace the pulls, knobs, and hardware of the cabinets. Those can make a difference inexpensively. The combination and variation of cabinet refacing wholly depends on the condition of you current cabinet.

The best time to do kitchen cabinet refacing is probably throughout the course of winter, or any time of the year where the temperature is cold enough for you. It may be too hot to do the project over the summer, but then again it is all up to your preferences.


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