Types of Window Blinds You Can Select

There are many ways to make your windows more beautiful. And one of them is by installing window blinds. Blinds are the popular choice especially for the windows that need to be covered from the sunlight. Blinds create shade and it looks excellent to be installed on the kitchen or patio windows or even in your living room to give more shade when the sunlight is too hot. And there are several types of window blinds you can select. Each of them has different design and style.

First, slat or Persian blinds. This is one of the most common and popular choices of window blinds in many homes. This blind has many horizontal slats and it is usually made of vinyl or metal. This window blinds design looks excellent for any designs and styles of the windows including for modern windows designs. This window blind create shade as well as beautiful appearance to enhance your windows. You can look at the pictures of these blinds to see the appearance on the windows.

Second option of window blinds is venetian blind. This blind also has horizontal slats and one is above another. This blind is also the basic slatted blind style or design that is made of plastic or metal. And there are also wooden slats that are now popular by the name wood blinds or bamboo blind. This blind looks very excellent and has certain character. For wood blind, it has the feeling and accent of nature that looks really beautiful to add to your window.

Third type is vertical blinds. These window blinds are better to be installed in the slide windows or slide doors. This blind can collect less dust than horizontal blind due to the vertical design. Indeed, as it stands vertically, it can collect less dust than horizontal blind. However, you can also find more pros of this blind including when you see the appearance or design and style. Just don’t forget about ideas to decorate the window with this blind.

The last type of window blinds is called with Roman shade. This blind is installed to block out the sun. This is also known with Roman blinds. This blind can cover the full height of the window and can operate smoothly without overlapping. This blind can be installed in the living room or in studio where you need to block out the sunlight. And you have more options of colors and styles or decoration ideas of this blind to enhance your window.


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