Want to Build a Recessed Medicine Cabinet? Read This Article First!

Among the popular choice available in marketplace, recessed medicine cabinet steals the people’s attentions with its space-saving design. Cabinet for saving medicine is one of the must-needed things in your house since it is the warehouse all of drugs like aspirin to daily toiletries such as toothpaste. Considering its function, this small piece is always attached at the above of the vanity. Now that you are in planning of installing this cabinet but still in-doubt too, then keep on reading through this article and find the best deal after that.

Facts about Recessed Medicine Cabinet You Should Know

Before making a final deal with this cabinet, it is better for you to learn about recessed medicine cabinet pro-cons. Start from the pro-side first. This cabinet is indeed interesting that wall-mounted as it is built inside the wall. The hidden storage can be covered with any covers, from glass up to wooden planks, so that it is a versatile choice both for traditional and modern style. However, since the cabinet is recessed, the price of making DIY recessed medicine cabinet might be a bit pricey as you need the help of carpenters, plumber, and even electrician to reroute all the wires installation.

If you are in needs of installing this at your bathroom soon, then the best timing is when you a make a bathroom renovation. This is because the steps of making a hidden cabinet are almost similar with building a small building project. There, for the materials in making recessed medicine cabinet, you will need frame box to be attached inside the wall, doors and its accessories, finish, and other standard tools you need to build a simple building.

Though it is claimed that the cost of recessed medicine cabinet might be a bit pricey, you can press the budgets so that it becomes a wallet-friendly. Discuss with your people to make a cabinet which doesn’t encounter all the obstructions inside such as plumbing, electrical wires, and the like. If it does, then the cost will be higher since you have to reroute all the “systems” so that they work properly like before. Thus, find the best location to place your recessed medicine cabinet so that it needs no break the existing plumbing.

In short, though this cabinet is prettier than wall-mounted cabinet, it needs extra time, cost, and also energy to have it at your bathroom. Before making a final deal with the recessed medicine cabinet, make a lot of discussion with your team to get the fittest cabinet based on your personal taste.


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