What Size of Toilet Flange to Choose?

Toilet flange should be installed or replaced and repaired rightly as it is a crucial part. It is a mounting base for the toilet and it is installed on the top of the soil pipe. Flange toilet flange replacement or installation needs an expert technique to do. And before that, you need to select the right size. There are some recommended sizes that you can find in the market. And you can follow a list below as the consideration to get the right size to install to your toilet. Here is the list.

First is the toilet flange with standard size. And it is 4×3 in size. This is the standard size you can consider. And most flanges in the market come with this size. Hardware and plumbing store also has many supply of this size. And as it is the standard size, in most cases of toilet flange repair or replacement and installation will be easily installed or handled with this size. This size is also considered as the popular size choice in many toilets in most homes.

Second is toilet flange with 3 inch size. This size is also many in the market. This flange has top and bottom in 3 inches wide. And it should be installed in 3 inch closet bend. It is recommended to ensure the piping is properly sized. And when it is not sized properly, it can increase or raise the flange position. And it can also affect the alignment of plumbing. You can also ask the expert or handyman suggestion when you have to replace or repair this flange size.

Third option of size of toilet flange is 4 inch and 3 inch. This flange type is manufactured rightly to fit over the top of the pipe with 3 inch. This flange size can be the right consideration if you don’t know the size of your toilet pipe. You can also select this size when you cannot connect the flange and closet bend directly when you install the drain pipe between them. You can also get some tips and suggestions from expert about this size too.

Sure, there is also another size of toilet flange. It is usually called with odd size as it has different size with above although it almost has the same size with 3×4. Just ask a handyman for this case if you want to get this odd size for the right installation as well as the reparation. And sure, you need to know more about parts of toilet if you want to do it by your own hands.


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